Monday, February 16, 2009

no. 1

it's white

"My White Table" is a project that I came up with after having a hot cup of green tea and a small piece of sweet pie on my beloved white table.

I love white, I love food, I love daydreaming and I love taking photo. Over the years I have been on and off with my blogging endeavor. I came up with lots of blogging ideas, decided to create some blogs but I've never been motivated enough to carry them through for longer than a few months. When this "white table" project idea hit me, I knew I wanted to make it as simple as possible. It's simply me, my camera, the white table and what's on it. Some times I might post a photo with some thoughts, some times I might just let the photos speak for themselves.

If you want to continue this journey with me, please check back often. I might not post daily but I will post as often as I can along the way. Stay tuned for what will appear next on my white table. Today it's a cup of tea and a piece of pie, I don't know what tomorrow will bring.

Thanks for visiting again.


  1. Great project. I sure will follow you on this new blog. This photos are pretty calm :)

    I wish you all the best!

  2. I love this. Since I'm finding you late, I might need to go through all your months of archives now, but I know I will enjoy every moment. (Man, I need a white table.)